Our Instructors

Studio Owner, Amy Sanford CYT


Amy has been teaching yoga in East Texas for the last ten years, both at Stephen F. Austin State University and at Morning Glory Yoga Studio, which she owns and operates. Her classes are designed to meet the needs of each individual, from beginner to advanced, with an emphasis on proper alignment and breathing. Amy believes that yoga is practiced both on and off the mat, and she encourages her students to explore and deepen their personal practice, then apply lessons learned to moments in their every day lives.She is certified to teach yoga through the Living Yoga Program in Austin, Texas.



Arrie Tucker, CYT

Arrie is a Nacogdoches native, a graduate of SFA, and currently teaches yoga downtown at Morning Glory Yoga and at SFA.

Arrie holds a master’s degree in transpersonal ecopsychology and has studied yoga and meditation in Austin, Chicago and at the Satchidananda Ashram (aka Yogaville) in Virginia.

Arrie believes yoga can help anyone live a healthier and more fulfilling life, and possibly even save the world. He is certified through The Living Yoga Program in Austin, Texas.

For private yoga or meditation lessons email Arrie at ArrieAllenTucker@gmail.com


Erin Patton, CYT


Erin discovered her love of yoga here at Morning Glory and now is sharing that love with others. She believes yoga is a practice acessable to everyone and every body. She strives to help students find their inner peace and beauty as they build physical strength. Erin is certified through The Living Yoga Program in Austin Tx.


Debra Chapman


I started practicing yoga in 1976 on my own, teaching myself through books. With regular practice of yoga postures I gained strength and flexibility. When I found out a yoga studio was opening in Nacogdoches, almost ten years ago now, I was so excited! I started practicing at Morning Glory the first day the studio opened and have been here ever sense. We have a great Yoga family. In addition to practicing at MGYS, I love attending yoga workshops and travel often to Houston, Austin, and Dallas to study, there is always something new to learn or be reminded of to help me grow in my personal practice.

This is the very reason I like teaching yoga, I get the opportunity to share a lot of wonderful things I have learned over the years. One of my most notable and shared lessons, “You do not have to grow old and stiff, with yoga, we can remain flexible at any age.”


Lou Vasquez


I started practicing yoga poses on my own while living in the Caribbean. When I moved to Nacogdoches TX. I started practicing seriously at Morning Glory Yoga Studio and have incorporated my Yoga practice into my everyday life. I have now become an student of the yogic lifestyle to include asanas (poses) and the other seven limbs of Yoga. The life experience that I bring with me into my practice include serving as a United States Marine, an educator for CPS (Chicago Public Schools), Legal Aid Para-legal, Entrepreneur, Patient advocate (UTMB) and other miscellaneous service related en devours. I received my certification through the Kingwood Yoga Wellness Center under the B.K.S. Iyengar tradition and am registered with the International Association of Yoga Therapists (IAYT).

Glenda Webb, RYT


In my twenties I had a routine yoga practice. When my two daughters were preschool, we did kids yoga. (I still have the book we used 33 years ago) Then my nursing career came to the forefront of my focus.

Always wanting to share knowledge, I taught many different classes, birthing, sibling, CPR, newborn, pediatric and adult resuscitation.

Knowing the importance of relaxation,

Around two decades ago I took a 600 hour massage therapist course.

As retirement from nursing approached, I decided to reignite my passion for yoga.

Honoring my nature to teach, I took a 200 hour yoga immersion teacher training at the Yoga Center in Asheville, North Carolina. During the immersion, restorative yoga and kids yoga resonated the most with me.

My background in medicine & massage helps with my ultimate goal, to empower people to relieve stress and restore a sense of calmness in their life. I am a member of the International Association of Yoga Therapists and the Yoga Alliance.

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