Love from India

Hi all! The sun has once again been unveiled from behind the clouds after a three day abduction  which means Erin and I will have a good chance of a hot shower tonight!  Ah, what a treat! I'm going on the second week of practice and everyday still seems like the...

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First Note from India

Erin and I arrived in Gokulam on Tuesday morning around 6:30,  red eyed from the long flight and freshly dusted by pungent particles that rushed in opened taxi cab windows from the wild miles between Bangalore and Mysore, we were greeted by our gracious hosts with...

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Snippet from India

A quick snippet of my morning schedule at the Shala....and a selfie 🙂 Some days I walk to practice and others, like today, I scoot. The Shala is FULL this time of year so being prompt is just not good enough. I'm up early and out the door AT LEAST an hour before the...

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