A quick snippet of my morning schedule at the Shala….and a selfie ūüôā

Some days I walk to practice and others, like today, I scoot.

The Shala is FULL this time of year so being prompt is just not good enough. I’m up early and out the door AT LEAST an hour before the start of actual practice time (‘real world time’ is actually 15 minutes behind ‘shala time.’)

I arrive on Mondays and Saturdays around 4:50 am and wait for my assigned time of 6:00 am (5:45 am Shala time) for Led practice. ¬†On these two days 4:50 am really isn’t early enough to be first in the door and everyone is after the same thing – ¬†a “good spot” to place their mat and (did I mention) the space is lined mat to mat with overflow in the changing rooms and entrance hall. ¬†It’s GREAT! and I’m not being sarcastic. ¬†Led practice is just as you would infer, it’s led by Sharath and we all practice in sync with his count.

On Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays I arrive ¬†around 7 am for my assigned time of 8 am (7:45 Shala time) for Mysore practice. We wait outside on the flip flop dotted Shala steps until the earlier group thins out inside and then we rise, and filter through a narrow door into the waiting room. ¬†We sit clustered together on the floor with the knowledge of ¬†who arrived in what order and we listen for the call, “next one, come in” “go there” “back” “next one, small.” As one student rolls up his/her mat from inside the practice room another immediately fills the spot. Those left to wait collectively scootch a little closer, I’m next and captivated by my view, “One more.” Mysore is a self paced practice with assists from authorized students and Sharath.



Love and Gratitude from Mysore,