Yoga is a place we continually return to again and again and again. As we use our practices to slowly work at the subtle level we create change at the gross level. This calm, clear continuum allow us to see what we couldn’t see before, experience what we were not ready to experience and face our shadows and perhaps even transform them. These are the deeper layers of our practice that are available. Tara is honored to share them with you!

Daily Practice (5 Days):

A brief introduction to Pranayama as taught by O.P. Tiwariij followed by of stotrams and mantras to invoke the divine.


Moving through your personal ashtanga sequence, guiding you with tips and ideas to create ease and ensuring safety & longevity of your practice. Tara is fluent in Ashtanga through 2nd series and some of 3rd Series as well as a Yoga Therapist and can help guide you, modify; restore or relieve depending on the condition safely and playfully through your practice. All are welcome.


Sunday, 09.08.2024

Pañcha Mayas (Koshas)

We often go through life allowing the mind to take us here and there without really understanding why we do the things we do.

The Pañcha Mayas also referred to as the Koshas, are five layers that make us up as humans, although we may identify with these layers, we are not them. You see, the mind is the main cause of our feelings, emotions, suffering, happiness, and liberation. Instead of identifying with these different parts of us, we learn to see what we are not, and if we understand what we are NOT, we start to understand what we ARE – starting with the gross level and slowly moving to the subtle levels.

Join Tara to learn more about the Pañcha Maya (Kosha) Model. During this workshop we will explore the five layers and recite the Panchamaya Shloka by TKV Desikachar (inspired by Taittriya-upanisat), a powerful chant that connects us to the different layers of the self. The class will end with a meditative practice guiding us to move to that space of silence within.


Thursday, 09.12.2024

Introduction to ĀYURVEDA + the Yogic Diet

The sister science to Yoga, Āyurveda (knowledge of life) teaches us how to stay healthy while preventing and curing disease with healthy diet and lifestyle practices.

Food is medicine if consumed correctly. What we eat today affects how we feel tomorrow, physically, mentally and emotionally. Have you ever felt sluggish the day after overindulging? I know I have.
Tara began studying nutrition in 1999 and working closely with an Āyurvedic doctor while following Ancient food principles for the last decade.

This course will discuss
Living a balanced Life, Digestive Fire, the Gunas, Daily Practices & the Yogic Diet and our link to nature using this ancient wisdom.

“When diet is wrong, medicine is of no use. When diet is correct, medicine is of no need.” ~ Ayurvedic proverb

Throughout the week, you’re welcome to enjoy the yoga studio during business hours. We have a lovely parlor and front porch to enjoy reading, tea, conversation, and/or the simple pleasure of just being. We’ll schedule a coffee date and lunch date to gather as a group on Monday & Wednesday. 


Dates: Sunday, 09.08-Thursday, 09.12.2024

Investment: $295