Hi all!

The sun has once again been unveiled from behind the clouds after a three day abduction  which means Erin and I will have a good chance of a hot shower tonight!  Ah, what a treat!

I’m going on the second week of practice and everyday still seems like the first, each day presenting new experiences but no sign of continuity.  It’s as if I’ve stepped on a mat made of shredded pieces of a complete story, each day fumbling through the various shapes hoping to discover just the right edges and contour. Pulling and pushing, inhaling and exhaling, lengthening and contracting, I rumage through the pieces of this abstract self. The practice is humbling and revealing.

In the beginning, the moments between a gentle effort and a struggle were sometimes only recognized in hindsight.  Now, after being steeped in the prana-filled atmosphere of the Shala room, I am a receiver and move from a more informed place with a calmer mind. My teacher, Sharath, oversees the room, calling for “one more” as students complete their practice. He weaves between tightly packed bodies in movement and breath and arrives at my mat with assurance and a smile.  I am reminded of why I have chosen to make this journey yet again and why I am already looking forward to returning next year.

The Shala room is filled with our individual energies, people practicing for knowledge and betterment, and at moments the currents cross or collide and the feeling of the room shifts. Depending on the day, excuse me, depending on the early (EARLY) morning, I feel a magnitude of emotions and physical capablities and hindrances on my mat.  I practice. I observe. I am effected. I am transformed.  I am grateful.

My journey here, to India, has been a culmination of dedicated years of practice and teaching.  I have, with your inclusion and only with your inclusion, witnessed the growth of a beautiful, thriving, and supportive yoga community in Nacogdoches, Texas. It is within this unforeseen, mighty relationship, our yoga family, that I discover peace and happiness, witness genuine humanity, and practice love and compassion — all in a dedicated space that is Morning Glory Yoga Studio.  I reflect on the unique and privilged nature of my life and place within this community everyday and I am thankful to be included in such a gift.  Thank you.

Although the studio has been open for over nine years, only as of last year did I concurrently feel the draw and potential to travel such a distance to practice yoga in a place that I had only dreamt of before.  This allowance is here for me not only through my own personal practice but also through your practice and our collective intentions. You are here with me in my heart and yet the absence of a physical presence is quite clear. I know I have stepped away from the studio for a lengthy period of time this year (and I struggle with it personally and professionaly everyday) but I am here to continue my practice, I am here to study with my teacher, and to grow as an individual so that I may lend to the betterment of our community.  In doing so, I have to let go of the fears and doubts associated with leaving my home, my family and friends, and my students.  I have to be open to the possibilities, yet again, of the unknown and trust that my practice and your practice will open and close doors that lead us along a path to discover our true self.  This is the purpose of yoga.

I am in constant contact with the teachers at the studio and many of you have contacted me with notes of love and support and some with concern. I appreciate you all.  I welcome all correspondence and will collaborate with those appointed to tend to our space.  Feel free to lend a helping hand if you see a blanket unfolded or to say a kind word of welcome to a new student.  Remember when you first arrived to the studio?  It can be intimidating, right? Fortunately, we have a very inviting space and friendly folks like you.

Now, please, get on your mat at MGYS.  Arrie, Sherri, Eralda, Kasey, and Debra are there to guide  you (and guide well they will) but you have to do the work. Thank you for practicing at MGYS. <3

More from Mysore soon.  Namaste.

Love and gratitude from Gokalum,