Fire Ceremony with Jayne Clark

It’s time to let go of 2023 and set our intentions for 2024 with a traditional Shamanic Grandfather Fire Ceremony!

Grief ~ Loss ~ Heartache ~ Heartbreak ~ Disappointment ~ Anxiety ~ Stress ~ Lack of self-worth and value ~ Confusion around purpose and belonging ~ Financial insecurity ~ Chronic health issues.

I know this year has been incredibly difficult for so many of you. You’ve had to endure some deep emotional challenges while still giving your best attempt to show up in the world, support those around you, and meet your daily responsibilities.

And now it’s time for YOU to receive healing, connection, and community with other like minded people.

There are 5 Parts to a Grandfather Fire Ceremony

  • Brief explanation of what is a traditional Grandfather Fire Ceremony and what to expect.
  • Invocation of opening sacred space
  • 3 opportunities to work with Grandfather Fire medicine – one, releasing what you’re ready to let go of. Two, offering your prayers and intentions of what you want to bring forth. Three, is gratitude.
  • A time for quiet reflection, journaling, and / or communion with Grandfather Fire medicine. There will be space for sharing if you feel called. It’s not required.
  • Closing sacred space.

Jayne Clark is an Energy Medicine and Intuitive Life Coach. For the past 18 years she has been helping clients heal their wounded sense of worth and value caused by childhood trauma, loss, abandonment and generational wounding. Her area of expertise is in relationships and teaching her clients how to recover their truth in order to live a life of destiny rather than the prophecy of the past. To learn more about her work, please visit

Ceremonial Guide:
Jayne Clarke
Saturday, December 9th
7:00PM – 9:45PM
Morning Glory
Yoga Studio