Friday, 07.29.2022


The Power of the Breath

Panayama is the yogic practice of breath control. In this workshop, we will first learn and practice a variety of breathing patterns and then explore ways to integrate these breathing patterns into our asana practice. Learn how to use breath to help relax muscles during a stretch, how to improve balance, eliminate frustration with challenging poses, improve stamina, and elevate your physical asana practice to the level of moving meditation.


Saturday, 07.30.2022


Opening Hips & Shoulders

Hips and shoulders are notorious for creating problems for yoga students. Learn a variety of stretches to help you liberate your true potential. This class will focus on opening hips and shoulders using stretching strategies including PNF, Active/Isolated and Passive Stretching, while maintaining the integrity of the torso and protecting the knees and other extremities. We will also explore the use of sand bags, rollers, walls, chairs and other props to accelerate success. We will address how to work with injured or traumatized joints and muscles to ensure safe and sustainable progress. Finally, we will address the problem of tight hips and shoulders at its source… the Sensory/Motor cortex of the brain and practice techniques to help re-map range of motion in the brain resulting in immediate and lasting increases in effortless range of motion for both the hips and shoulders.


2-5 PM

Yoga Nidra & The Art of Relaxation 

Yoga Nidra, sometimes called ‘yogic sleep’, is an ancient practice that was introduced to the West by teachers like Satyananda Saraswati and Swami Rama. One hour of Yoga Nidra practice leads to a state of deep and profound relaxation that many claim can replace 4 hours of regular sleep. But the real benefits to this practice go far beyond simple relaxation. The primary goal of Yoga Nidra is to use deep relaxation along with mental imagery and affirmation to root out negative beliefs that sabotage our practice and life in general, and replace them with positive beliefs that help us to explore and live to our highest potential.


Sunday, 07.31.2022

1-4 PM

Improving Your Balance 

This workshop is appropriate for all levels, from seniors who wish to reduce the likelihood of falling and learn how to age more gracefully, to seasoned athletes wanting to get an edge on performance, or yoga students wishing to improve in asanas that require more balance. Balance improves concentration of the mind, alignment in the body, and efficiency in movement. Above all else, with the right attitude, practicing balance should be fun.

We will start with an overview of balance theory, then explore these ideas in our asana practice, and after a guided relaxation, we will close with a discussion of how lessons learned in physical balance can be applied to find balance in the larger arenas of life, including relationships, business, wellness and others.


  • One Workshop $65
  • Two Workshops $115.00
  • Three Workshops $165.00
  • Full Weekend Workshops $195.00

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Charles MacInerney, E-RYT-500, C-IAYT, has practiced Yoga since 1971, and taught since 1989. He is known for his fun and playful teaching style as he leads students into a deeper understanding and appreciation for yoga. Charles is a gifted generalist and as one studio owner put it, “the most out-of-the-box thinker that I know.”

Charles was recently recognized by the Consul General of India for his work helping yoga to gain acceptance in Texas by introducing yoga to school teachers, administrators, and eventually directly to students. In addition, Charles has introduced yoga to 4 hospitals, and has taught at 5 universities.

At the University of Texas Charles worked with students, faculty, administration, dormitories, Women’s Athletic Program (Track, Golf and Volleyball teams), and Departments of Dance, Music, Art, Architecture, and Kinesiology. In the business world Charles offered workshops and started yoga programs for IBM, Motorola, Apple, 3M, Sematech and dozens of smaller companies.

He teaches ongoing yoga classes in Austin, offers yoga workshops at studios around the country, and leads Yoga & Meditation Retreats as well as Yoga & Writing Retreats throughout the US, Mexico, Costa Rica and Guatemala. He is the founder of Expanding Paradigms through which he regularly presents at National and International Conferences, including the International Association of Yoga Therapy conference. He has written for numerous magazines including the Yoga Journal and is the author of Toxic Goals, Flow, and the Pursuit of Excellence.

Charles is the Founder of the Free Day of Yoga, Living Yoga Teacher Training Program, and the Texas Yoga Retreat. Please visit his primary website at, contact him by email: [email protected], or call or text Charles at 512-459-2267.