Weekend Class Schedule Update


Charles MacInerney workshops will be held at our original location, 207 East Main St. Registration for all but tonight’s class is still open so check out the details and sign up for Saturday or Sunday! Here is the link for workshop descriptions.


We will still hold the regular Saturday 9 am class HOWEVER it will be held at MGY2, 409 East Main St.

Free Friday will still meet too at MGY2 at 5:30 pm, the usual location and time.
Tonight Lou is teaching!

Class filming for downtown business promo tonight!

MGYS students, today we have a guest coming to film the first 10-15 min of Lou’s 5:30pm Level 1&2.

Our studio will be featured in a commercial, “More than Shopping, ” a promotion of downtown sponsored by Main St. Please come and practice and support MGYS and downtown Nacogdoches. Even if this isn’t the usual time you practice, the more the merrier and we would greatly appreciate your participation.

A Weekend with Charles MacInerney

Mark your calendar for Charles’ annual summer visit! Online registration is now open.

Friday, 07.28.2017, 6:00-8:00pm
Massage Roller Clinic

Massage Roller Clinic: We will learn how to use and play with a variety of tools to help massage muscles and fascia. These practices, when combined with yoga, can speed up the transformation of the body by breaking up adhesions and scar tissue, increasing circulation of blood and lymph and helping to hydrate the fascia of the body. They also help to open up the intercostal muscles allowing for improved breathing, and restoring flexibility to the spine. As part of this clinic we will make your own custom sized back roll and a tennis ball massager which you can continue to use as part of your home practice. The two massage tools are included in the workshop registration fee.

Saturday, 07.29.2017, 9:00am-12:00pm
Dharana: The Art of Concentration

Improving Concentration: Dharana is the 6th limb of Yoga and teaches the student to bring their mind to one-pointed-attention. The ability to concentrate the mind is probably the most important skill you ever learn. As your concentration improves, so will your yoga improve. But greater concentration will also enhance your performance at work, at play, and improves communication skills and intimacy. A large part of this workshop is about learning to eliminate boredom and anxiety from your life in order to enhance performance. This workshop is a combination of lecture, discussion interspersed with fun experiential activities to deepen our understanding and appreciation for the principles discussed.


Saturday, 07.29.2017, 1:30-4:30pm
Balance: Aligning with Gravity

Balance: Aligning with Gravity: Good balance improves athletic performance, promotes a sense of well-being, decreases the likelihood of falling, lessons the chances of injury if we do fall, and is essential for those who wish to age gracefully. Improving balance improves concentration both the intensity and duration of attention. We will start with an overview of balance theory, then explore these ideas in our asana practice, and after a guided relaxation, we will close with a discussion of how lessons learned in physical balance can be applied to find balance in the larger arenas of life, including relationships, business, wellness and others.


Sunday, 07.30.2017, 9:00am-12:00pm
Exploring the Bandas in Asana

Exploring the 4 Bandhas in Asana Practice: In Sanskrit, Bandha means arrest, lock, or tighten. The 4 Bandhas involve isolating and tightening different areas of the body. I was introduced to the bandhas by my first yoga teacher when I was 11. Back then (the 1970’s) they were taught as stand-alone practices and practiced vigorously. More recently I discovered that the Bandhas can be engaged more delicately as a meditation target, engaged lightly in improving posture, engaged moderately to support most asana poses like chair, triangle, and downward facing dog, engaged strongly to protect the spine from injury in strong backbends, and engaged and released rhythmically to increase circulation in the pelvic floor. Women have long been informed of the importance of exercising the pelvic floor, but men can also benefit from this, especially in the health of the prostate gland. Note, bandhas should not be practiced while pregnant.


  • One workshop $60

  • Any Two workshops $105

  • Any Three workshops $145

  • All Four workshops $180



Charles F. MacInerney, E-RYT-500, has practiced Yoga since 1971. He is known for his fun and playful teaching style as he leads students into a deeper understanding and appreciation for yoga. Charles is a gifted generalist and as one studio owner put it, “the most out-of-the-box thinker that I know.” He started teaching full time in 1989. He is a pioneer in laying the foundation for Yoga’s growing popularity in Texas. In the early 1990’s he was the first Yoga teacher in Central Texas to bring yoga into schools (A.I.S.D. & E.I.S.D), 4 universities including the University of Texas where he worked with students, faculty, administration, dormitories, Women’s Athletic Program (Track, Gold and Volleyball teams), and Departments of Dance, Music, Kinesiology.

He introduced yoga to four hospitals and set up two Cardiac Yoga Programs (Seton Hospital and The Austin Heart Hospital). Charles also led the way in bringing yoga into the workplace. His clients include numerous Government Agencies, IBM, Motorola, Apple, 3M, and Sematech. He teaches ongoing yoga classes in Austin, offers yoga workshops at studios around the country, and leads Yoga & Meditation Retreats as well as Yoga & Writing Retreats throughout the US, Mexico, Costa Rica and Guatemala. He is the founder of Expanding Paradigms through which he regularly presents at National and International Conferences. He has written articles for numerous magazines including the Yoga Journal. In 2014 he presented at the International Association of Yoga Therapy conference in 2014.

Charles is also the Founder of the Free Day of YogaLiving Yoga Teacher Training Program, and the Texas Yoga Retreat. Please visit his primary website at www.YogaTeacher.com, contact him by email: charles@yogateacher.com, or call or text Charles at 512-459-2267.



Ashtanga Yoga Nacogdoches

Are you interested in learning the Ashtanga Yoga method?

Not exactly sure what distinguishes it from our Hatha classes but curious about understanding the differences?

Please email me and let’s set up a time to meet and talk

In the meantime, please explore my website for some details about the practice, etiquette, and fees.

The first Ashtanga program in Nacogdoches begins July 9th and I am truly honored and excited to introduce this traditional method. Although this is the first day – and it’d be great to start then – you’re welcome to begin a regular practice anytime after July 9th.


Please contact me at your earliest convenience at info@ashtangayoganacogdoches.com to arrange a meeting.


TODAY IS THE DAY! – Restorative Yoga with Special Guest Teacher Melissa Smith and Violinist Brenda Josephsen

There is still space so register online to reserve yours!

Free Friday is canceled today, 06.30, so to facilitate this event.

Melissa Smith is graciously detouring off the beaten path to visit Morning Glory Yoga Studios, once again, and we couldn’t be more thrilled.  Don’t miss out on this special treat from an amazing teacher traveling to Nacogdoches all the way from Canada.

Restorative Yoga Session and Special Music…

Experience postures that promote deep relaxation and recuperation. The long held poses will support a strong body, mind and spirit connection with the strategic placement of Yoga props which will encourage the body to release. Props will help facilitate a soma or “living aware” experience by awakening awareness of the body within or silence those overworked areas. We will flow with a gentle movement warm up, subtle body breath work, a unique restorative sequence and finish with a deliciously long Yoga Nidra meditation. You will leave refreshed and renewed.

Place: MGY2, 409 East Main St.

Date: Friday, 06.30.2017

Time: 6:00 – 8:00pm

Investment: $45


Melissa Smith, Yoga Alliance ERYT® 500 in SustainableYoga, Yoga Teacher Trainer for Restorative, Prenatal and Therapeutic Yoga, Thai Yoga Massage Practitioner and AcroYoga® Level 2 Certified Teacher. Native Texan, Melissa currently lives in Calgary, Canada with her 2 sons and leads Retreats in Southeast Asia, France and the United States. Find her at MelissaSmithYoga.com, and sign up for a free Yoga Nidra.


Brenda, aka “the egg lady”, is a fellow yoga student. For the past 21 years she has given violin lessons to kids from 3 to 99 yrs. old at SFA Music Prep. She hopes her music will relax, restore and energize you.

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