September 11th-13th at Morning Glory Yoga

Join Rebecca Butler (RYT-500) for a weekend of workshops designed to help you connect to her guiding principle of Choosing Joy, no matter what circumstances life may serve you. The weekend is structured to be a journey — from awareness, to exploration and finally, to cherishing this truth. You will leave these sessions awakened to the empowering ability to choose your way of being and that is a priceless skill.


  • All 3 classes for $90
  • 2 Classes for $65
  • Each Class $40
  • SFA Student Discount – All Classes $75
  • SFA Student Discount – 2 Classes for $55
  • SFA Student Discount – $30 per class


SFA Students must have valid SFA ID on day of workshop



Friday (6-8pm)

Choose Joy — A fearless exploration of your central truth
{A well rounded, basic to intermediate level flow class including arm balances and inversions}
In this provocative yoga workshop, you will connect deeply to your true nature. It is Rebecca Butler’s belief and central teaching principle that joy is the quintessential foundation of our essence. Through carefully constructed sequencing, she will guide you along her spiritual trail that has led her to wholeheartedly invest in this truth. The asana (physical yoga poses) will be challenging, nourishing, sweat inducing and righteous. You will be confronted with glimmers of your edge while soothed with the certainty of grounding. You can expect standing poses, arm balances, inversions, floor work and core work, complimented by laughter, perhaps tears and definitely smiles. Indeed, exploring Avenues of Joy is truly a glorious undertaking.


Saturday (10am-12n)

Choose Magic — This is how we walk on the moon
{A clinic about arm balances and inversions}
There is no limitation. The only limitations are those that we place on ourselves. We subscribe to this prison of our awareness, recreating the same reality day after day, to prove to ourselves that we are not crazy (one of the greatest fears of our day and age — being crazy). In this workshop, we will trot carefully and mindfully to your edge — spiritually and physically. And then, we will take a deep breath and enjoy the view. For it is at this place, where with compassion, breath and kindness, we can create meaningful and lasting change. Yes, it is magic. Seamless press-ups from crow to handstand require nothing short of believing in magic. My more pragmatic students roll their eyes at this. And it’s at precisely this moment when I offer, The trees breathe what we exhale and we breathe what they exhale… You don’t believe in magic?! Come Choose Magic and see what’s really possible when we drop resistance and lean in to infinite possibility.


Sunday (10am-12n)

Choose Miracles — Shift from Fear to Love
{A playshop of softening into the moment through partner style restorative work and deep hip opening}
A miracle is defined as a shift in perspective from fear to love. In this session, we will work with great tenderness into softening and caring for the major joints via partner-style restorative yoga, long holds in deep hip openers and a sound healing session to culminate this cleanse. You will be stripped of fear, which resides in the root chakra. You will be cleared of any lingering resistance to your worthiness and awareness of the ability to Choose Joy, Choose Magic and Choose Miracles in everyday moments, no matter what the circumstances.

Please join us for this sure to be sensational weekend with Rebecca.



rebecca-butler2Rebecca Butler is a humble and happy yoga teacher (at the RYT 500 hour level), published author, inspirational speaker, retreat leader and entrepreneur, as well as a mom. In addition to owning and operating her own yoga studio, The Sanctuary Yoga Room in Fort Worth, TX, she travels teaching her empowering weekend of Choose Joy yoga workshops in varying cities all over the country, including the Telluride Yoga Festival.

It is her intention for her classes to render her students physically satiated and spiritually uplifted, her writing to spark your soul and her inspirational speaking to awaken you to your purpose within. It is her own purpose to help others recognize the ability to Choose Joy no matter what life offers.

In 2012, her mother passed from ALS or Lou Gehrigʼs disease. In that heart-wrenching journey, Rebecca learned that life is meant to be cherished, never squandered; movement, health and breath are righteous gifts to be celebrated, never neglected; and kindness, love and grace are the only admirable ways of being. She integrates this wisdom into her teaching, writing, speaking and daily approach to life.

In addition to being a wellness expert for MindBodyGreen, Rebecca has been featured in Origin Magazine. Her writing has also been published on on multiple other sites including Elephant Journal and in a book titled The Yoga Diaries: Stories of Transformation through Yoga by Jeannie Page.

You can find out more about her retreat schedule with The Travel Yogi, teaching, traveling & writing at, or connect with her on facebook or twitter or Instagram . #choosejoy