Hello All!

Most of you are aware that a second space, MGY2, is being renovated (slowly but surely) for more yoga classes but we are also considering adding certain specialty classes/workshops that we feel compliment a yoga practice and support a healthy lifestyle.

I recently had the pleasure of meeting fitness enthusiast and new comer to Nacogdoches, Sarah Sanchez.  Sarah contacted me and expressed an interest in teaching a mat pilates class at MGYS.  After our conversation and being most impressed with her positive attitude, passion, and experience I am interested in seeing how a pilates class will be received at MGYS/MGY2.

Sarah eagerly offered to teach a FREE, open to our studio members, Beginner Balanced Body (Mat) Pilates class on Tuesday, May 31st at 10:30am.  Please come if you’re interested and can fit it into your schedule. The more the merrier!   If you plan to attend please email me at [email protected] and confirm so that I’ll have a better idea of the class size.

Where: Morning Glory Yoga Studio

When: 10:30 – 11:30am

Who: Sarah Sanchez

What:  Balanced Body Pilates is a mind body focused exercise regimen. Pilates challenges the mind to control mobile, flexible limbs while sustaining a strong, stable core. Pilates consists of low-impact floor exercises which take the stress off of the body’s joints. You can expect to move in positions such as; plank, ab curl, neutral spine, and inverting on a curved spine. There are modifications for every exercise providing all students with options.

Sarah_pilatesSarah Sanchez is new to the Nacogdoches area and beginning the next chapter in her life as an Adjunct Professor for the Dance program at SFA. Previously living in Hunstville, Sarah was a graduate student at Sam Houston State University where she earned a Master of Fine Arts degree. Sarah’s training began at the age of 8 performing Ballet Folklorico and Flamenco dance styles in her hometown of San Antonio. Sarah specializes in modern, aerial, cultural, and spoken word dance. Sarah has danced for choreographers such as Shay Ishii, Tarak Asam, Rocio Luna, Alicia Chappell, and Andy Noble to name a few. Sarah’s devotion to dance conditioning led her to obtain certificates in Zumba Fitness and Balanced Body Pilates. Sarah is a fitness enthusiast who enjoys running, biking, weight lifting and hiking. Sarah is anxious to meet the people of Nacogdoches, and share her love for dance and fitness.