Open Practice is today from 4:30 – 7ish pm at MGY1.  

Arrie, Lou, and Amy will be in the space to give guidance/assistance as needed/wanted. Oh, and as per usual, this is mandatory. 🙂 You come. 

Open practice means you arrive any time during the designated practice time, set up your mat, and practice (without a teacher leading) for the length of time you need. You get to take your time and move at your own pace, and when you’re done, roll up your mat and be on your merry way. Sounds good huh?! Come!  If you just need room to sit and breathe the space is here. 

Please be respectful of others and keep conversation and noise to a minimum. If you need help with a posture, we’re here, but open practice is meant to be on your own for the most part.