Friday 07.26.2024, 6:00pm – 8:00pm

Dive Deep into Yoga Therapy for Heart Health: Lower Your Blood Pressure Naturally!

Discover the powerful connection between yoga and cardiovascular wellness in our upcoming workshop. Led by Charles, a seasoned expert with nearly 30 years of experience in Yoga Therapy and cardiovascular yoga, this session offers invaluable insights into managing blood pressure through the ancient practices of yoga.

Explore the science-backed techniques behind yoga’s ability to promote heart health, including asana, pranayama, inversions, bandhas, and isometric stretches. Charles will guide you through tailored practices designed to regulate blood pressure and foster overall well-being.

Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced practitioner, all levels are welcome to join this transformative workshop. Walk away with practical tools and empowering practices to support a healthier heart and lead a more balanced life. Don’t miss this opportunity to harness the healing power of yoga for cardiovascular wellness. Reserve your spot now and take the first step toward a healthier heart and a happier you.

Saturday, 07.27.2024, 10:00am-1:00pm

Posture as Therapy: Exploring Alignment and Its Impact on Health
Discover the transformative power of alignment in our “Posture as Therapy” workshop. Dive deep into the fundamentals of tadasana (standing pose) and learn how proper alignment can enhance your overall well-being.

In this comprehensive session, we will:

Explore the Health Benefits: Understand how correct alignment in tadasana influences your health and serves as a foundation for more complex poses like triangle, warrior I & II, and more.
Master Core Principles: Focus on the three essential principles—spirals, loops, and bhandas (locks)—and learn how to integrate these into your practice for improved physical and mental health.
Transform Your Posture: Gain insights on modifying your posture habits and learn techniques to help others do the same.
Join us for an enriching experience that will enhance your yoga practice and promote holistic well-being. Embrace the therapeutic potential of posture and make a positive impact on your life.

Saturday, 07.27.2024, 2:00pm – 5:00pm

Unleash Your Creativity: Join Our Creative Writing Workshop!

Calling all writers, whether you’re just starting your journey or have already penned multiple tales! Our workshop offers a nurturing space where you can tap into your innermost thoughts and weave them into captivating narratives, poems or stories.

Led by Charles, a seasoned mentor with over three decades of experience, we’ll explore simple yet powerful mind/body techniques, including breath work, to ignite your creativity and silence the self-doubt that often holds us back. Through a series of engaging exercises and prompts, we’ll break free from the confines of overthinking, paving the way for fresh and vibrant writing.

After the writing session, we’ll come together in cozy, small-group settings where participants are invited to share their work. Receive uplifting feedback and encouragement from your peers, or simply soak in the supportive atmosphere. Our workshop draws inspiration from the renowned methods of Amherst Writers & Artists, with whom Charles trained and was certified to facilitate writing groups. Join us and discover the joy of expressing yourself through the written word!

Sunday, 07.28.2024, 1:00pm-4:00pm

Understanding Polyvagal Theory and How We Can Use Our Breath to Improve our Physical, Mental, and Emotional Wellbeing
Join us for an enlightening workshop where ancient wisdom meets modern science. Delve into the profound connection between Pranayama and the Polyvagal Theory, and discover how this synergy can transform your emotional well-being.

Explore groundbreaking insights into the relationship between our nervous system and emotional states such as anger, stress, PTSD, and depression. Learn innovative approaches to cultivate resilience and achieve a harmonious mind-body balance, fostering a state of “Socially Engaged” bliss.

This workshop offers a unique opportunity to deepen your understanding of yoga therapy and its profound impact on mental health. Through a blend of theory and practice, you’ll uncover practical tools to navigate life’s challenges with grace and resilience.

Don’t miss this transformative journey toward inner peace and emotional resilience. Reserve your spot today and embark on a path to holistic wellness.

  • Friday: 6-8 pm
  • Saturday: 10 am-1 pm & 2-5 pm
  • Sunday: 1-4 pm

$65/ Workshop

$195/Course Entire Weekend