Self Defense Class at MGY2

Join Tai Chi and Kung Fu Teacher, David Gardner
for a Self Defense Class on Saturday, 03.31.2018,
at MGY2, 409 East Main St.

Join in a discussion on what it takes to prevent and deter becoming a victim.

    Learn techniques for:

  • Improved self-awareness
  • How to avoid conflict
  • How to fight back if a conflict occurs


This class is designed for everyone, of any age.

Investment: $20
Time: 2:00-3:30pm
Place: MGY2, 409 East Main St.



Introduction to Tai Chi Weekend Workshop Series


Introduction of Tai Chi and basic overview of basic Tai Chi concepts.

Students will gain knowledge, practice, and resources to begin a daily Tai Chi exercise routine.


October 7th 10am–12:00 pm

Tai Chi Basics/ Tai Chi Walking
Introduce 108 Yang-Style Long Form

  • History of Tai Chi
  • Benefits
  • Warm-Ups
  • Introduce Qi Gong/ Building the Ball
  • Tai Chi Walking/Shifting
  • Wuji
  • Benefits of practice
  • Introduce Long Form/ Begin practice
  • Video support at home

October 7th 2–4:00pm

Breath Work

  • Diaphragmatic
  • Breathing benefits
  • Warm Up
  • Building the Ball QG
  • Practice Long Form,
  • First Section 70% Rule
  • How does intention influence your Tai Chi?
  • Sensory focus exercises
  • Practice Long Form, First Section

October 8th 1–3pm

Self Massage
Concentration and Meditation

  • Tai Chi for Health
  • Warm Up
  • Building the Ball QG
  • Self Massage
  • Practice Long Form, First Section
  • How can Tai Chi help me meditate?
  • Preparation work for meditation
  • Long Form as a meditative practice



  • Workshop Series Duration: 2 Days

  • Classes: Saturday (2) and Sunday; three classes total

  • Hours: 2 Hours per Class

  • Location: MGY2, 409 East Main St

  • Investment: One Class: $60; Two: $105; Three: $145




Kai Lewis is an instructor of Tai Chi, Qi Gong, Meditation and several South East Asian styles of martial arts. He has also completed his 200 yoga teacher hours and continues his studies in anatomy, massage, reflexology and sports science medicine. His interests lie in the practical methods of martial arts, healing, meditation, and yoga and applying these arts and their applications in a modern context. He currently teaches several public classes and is part of the MD Anderson Integrative Medicine Center team, sharing the health benefits of Tai Chi and Qi Gong with the hospital’s cancer patients, caregivers, and staff.