Free Friday is canceled this week, 09.18.2015, BUT you still have TWO weeks left to take advantage of our ONE WEEK FREE special at MGYS.  See details below, follow instructions, and come check out other classes and meet our regular members.

PROSPECTIVE STUDENTS, so you’re interested in starting a yoga practice? YAY! This is the perfect month to begin.  In honor of National Yoga Month, new students get one WEEK FREE!! Please follow the instructions on the link below, print out the form, and bring it to MGYS to enjoy a COMPLIMENTARY week of YOGA!!

Click Here

In addition, as a new student, please follow the link below and register at Morning Glory Yoga Studio.  This will minimize time spent with paperwork and maximize your time relaxing on the mat before class begins.

Click Here

MGYS YOGIS, invite a friend (new student) to the appropriate class (remember you’re an experienced student, he/she may not be) and if they sign up for the month you’ll receive 50 % off of your next month!!!  Please have them follow the instructions detailed above for “prospective students” and add YOUR name somewhere on the “One Week Free” slip.

We love you and want to express our deepest appreciation for your support and dedication over the years. Invite a friend and help build an even stronger yoga community here in Nacogdoches.