What a great Half Primary this morning!  Thanks to all you Yogis that showed up,  it was a sweaty good time! See you on the return this afternoon!

If you haven’t registered yet for the “Grounded in Asana” workshop there is still room for YOU this afternoon.  Register online NOW or arrive a little early to complete registration at the studio.

1:00pm -3:00pm

Grounded in Asana – $35.00
The standing poses of Ashtanga are the basic grounding and centering asanas, therefore, making them an ideal starting point for your practice. All the postures integrate the body, balancing flexibility, strength, endurance, and coordination. In this workshop we’ll bring our attention to the connection that we have with the earth through our feet. Learning to be relaxed and balanced as we realign our foundation from the feet, to the ankles, through the knees, to the pelvis and base of the spine. Because standing poses require us to actively engage our awareness of how we use our muscles, joints, and breath, they build both mental and physical stamina as well as discipline. No matter what else you might want to explore in the vast world of yoga, this workshop will give you a solid foundation, good alignment, an understanding of body mechanics, and tangible training in mindfulness.