Regrettably, Choose Joy Workshops with Rebecca Butler that were scheduled for this weekend, September 11-13, have been CANCELED.  We hope to reschedule for future dates.

Please see the following note from Rebecca Butler to you, students of MGYS and others registered for this weekend and/or considering.

“I’m deeply sorry & regret not being able to come this weekend, especially as I so enjoyed getting to know you last year & have been looking forward to this for some time. However, as you may or may not be aware, I’ve opened my own studio in the last year (yay!). The life of a small business owner has taken me by storm this summer as one of my teachers left to have a sweet baby. In 6 weeks, I’ve not had 1 single day off, on occasion teaching 15-17 sessions/week. As such my health & my daughters health are slightly suffering & my marriage needs some mindful tending to. I find myself in the unfortunate position of choosing – work & connection & travel & adventure vs family & health & self love. In an attempt to embody what I teach, choosing joy in the face of challenge, I must choose to stay home and rest and heal. I will miss you dearly, pray for graceful forgiveness and eagerly anticipate the opportunity to reschedule/convene again.” ~Rebecca

On behalf of MGYS, I apologize for the late cancelation notice (it’s certainly not common practice) and although beyond my control I regret the inability to inform you sooner.  Your understanding is greatly appreciated.

Be assured that payments for workshops will be refunded IN FULL.

Please email [email protected] with questions and/or concerns.

In Gratitude,