with Khris Hahn

“Cacao is a gentle but profound plant medicine that gives you a nudge of a new perspective. As the cacao medicine starts to wear off, because it was just a little nudge from your base state of consciousness, it’s easier to bridge that new perspective into your daily life.” – Mose Musica

Every day we find ourselves in a place of judgement. We make judgements regarding what to eat and wear, judgement against ourselves and others, judgement around our environment and how we interact. Those judgements can support our belief systems in either a supportive or obstructive way. Being able to detox from those negative judgements and use it as a tool to enhance our happiness and genuine connections will benefit our overall well-being.

We invite you to come sit with the heart opening cacao where you will be able to explore where judgements may be causing loss, pain, or suffering and then work towards healing those deep seeded imprints. Cacao can be your compass towards finding your authentic heart space that is unconditional love which shows up without judgement, but rather compassion and empathy.

We encourage you to bring a journal and writing utensil to record the exploration of your emotional body and the discovery of various feelings, insights, and reflections. You will find yourself feeling restored, renewed, and rejuvenated as you release negative attachments and connect into your heart space. Please bring a yoga mat and bottled water, props and blankets will be provided.

Cacao dates back to the ancient Mesoamerican civilizations of the Mayans, Aztecs, and Toltecs who consumed it primarily in the form of a drink and was available only to the elite. It was considered a godly potion as they experienced heightened energy and believed it to have a link between their blood and heart, and so dubbed the “Food of the Gods”.

Today, science has been able to define exactly how cacao benefits our body and mind. Cacao contains mood-boosting compounds such as anandamide and PEA which increase serotonin levels. Cacao also contains theobromine which affects blood flow and helps to protect the heart. Additionally, cacao has a very high source of antioxidants, magnesium, calcium, vitamins A, C, D, calcium, zinc, copper and potassium.