Paint your HeARTwork


“Cacao is a gentle but profound plant medicine that gives you a nudge of a new perspective. As the cacao medicine starts to wear off, because it was just a little nudge from your base state of consciousness, it’s easier to bridge that new perspective into your daily life.” – Mose Musica

We encourage you to bring a journal and writing utensil to record the exploration of your emotional body and the discovery of various feelings, insights, and reflections. You will find yourself feeling restored, renewed, and rejuvenated as you release negative attachments and connect into your heart space. Please bring a yoga mat and bottled water, props and blankets will be provided.

Cacao dates back to the ancient Mesoamerican civilizations of the Mayans, Aztecs, and Toltecs who consumed it primarily in the form of a drink and was available only to the elite. It was considered a godly potion as they experienced heightened energy and believed it to have a link between their blood and heart, and so dubbed the “Food of the Gods”.

Feelings are multifaceted experiences felt not only within our physical body but also emotionally. Emotions, despite being complex and at times impulsive, provide immense benefits, fostering motivation, inspiration, and enriching life experiences. Conversely, emotions can also be messy, unpredictable, confusing, and at times challenging to work through.

In a bid to avoid hurting others or to conform to societal expectations, we learn to suppress our emotions and disguise our genuine feelings. Unleashing emotions through creative painting facilitates an environment for feelings to manifest and thrive.
The integration of the creative process coupled with ceremonial cacao opens space for finding a path back to our authentic selves. When we allow ourselves to express our inner world through colors while opening our heart space, we begin to embark on the journey of elevating our emotional intelligence.

We invite you to join us as we explore emotional releases through art while being held by the gentle cacao vibrations of unconditional love, compassion and bliss.

Today, science has been able to define exactly how cacao benefits our body and mind. Cacao contains mood-boosting compounds such as anandamide and PEA which increase serotonin levels. Cacao also contains theobromine which affects blood flow and helps to protect the heart. Additionally, cacao has a very high source of antioxidants, magnesium, calcium, vitamins A, C, D, calcium, zinc, copper and potassium.

Place: Morning Glory Yoga Studio, 122 N. Mound St.
Guide: Khris Hahn
Date: 02.10.2024
Time: 1-3pm
Investment: $30