Align: Winter with Kelsey Carrasquel

Align: Winter
with Kelsey Carrasquel

February 3rd, 2024
2:00PM -5:00PM

The Align workshop series is a combination of conversation & practicum, in which a small yet diverse group of students are given the opportunity to develop their own practices that are in alignment with the season of life they are in, and to engage in intimate and expansive conversations with one another about how they each uniquely resonate with those seasons. This particular workshop focuses on the season of Winter, both as a season of the earth that influences us and our wellbeing, and also as a reflection of a season of rest & reflection one might be experiencing in their personal life.

Winter is a season of rest and reflection. Winter’s medicine is the time and space we have to put to rest anything that we are still holding onto from the past cycle, not necessarily forever, but for the time being. Winter invites us to be in incubation. Just like when we go to bed at night, when we rest, we do not cease to be, but we are able to enter into a deeper state of consciousness, without the distractions of the waking world. When we rest, we can explore the realm of dreams, which are the beginnings of our intentions for the next growing season. There is no pressure to implement our dreams and ideas during this season; this is a time to dream big and not be concerned with the outcome. As well as dreaming and visioning for the future, we can be in reflection on the seasons past, in which we honor what was in alignment with our highest good, and what was not. This also will carry us into the next growing season more aligned with our highest good. This workshop focuses on practices that keep the soul warm as the body resets.

This workshop is limited to 7 students to maintain a comfortable container for students to engage in conversation with one another, and their own practices within this season. Sign up promptly to reserve your spot!


  1. Learn about the seasonal resonances of Winter from the perspective of Eastern philosophy & medicine systems.
  2. Explore how Winter uniquely resonates with you.
  3. Learn about rituals and practices that support and balance the energy of Winter.
  4. Work in a seasonal workbook (provided) that prompts putting these concepts into practice.
  5. Be in a brave space together for discussion on these topics.


  • Early Bird (before 01.27): $100
  • Full price after Early Bird: $125

Foundations of Restorative Yoga Course with Kelsey Carrasquel

This September, Morning Glory Yoga Studio is offering a 4-week Restorative Yoga course taught by Yin & Restorative Yoga teacher, Kelsey Carrasquel. This course will teach students the fundamentals of a Restorative Yoga practice, and also explore the benefits and philosophy of Restorative Yoga.
Class will take place every Tuesday from 7-8:30 PM, beginning on September 6th.

In yoga, resting is not the same as sleeping. Restorative Yoga is the practice of deep relaxation while remaining conscious, awake, and aware. This allows the mind and body to fully process and release stress and trauma, rather than hold onto it or let it build up over time.

Kelsey Carrasquel is trained in trauma-informed teaching methodology, and this course will follow principles which allow students choice, agency, and control in their practice.

Is this the right course for you? YES!

Everyone can benefit from the practice of Restorative Yoga, and having a deeper foundational knowledge of why and how to practice will help you get the most out of your practice. Whether you’re brand new to yoga or have been practicing daily for years, you’ll discover something valuable in this course.


  • Early Bird: $125
    *Early bird pricing extends until August 27th, 2022.
  • After August 27th: $145
  • MGY Members pay: $99

Space in this course is limited, so sign up early to secure your spot!